So what happened then?

…..Long silence between My past post in September. 2016 and now, March 2017. I’d hoped to visit Panama at the end of the year in 2016 but for various reasons that didn’t work out.

I continued to read and research though, and the more I read and researched, the closer I came to the conclusion that perhaps Panama wasn’t quite the place I’d want to settle down in. I still could change my mind though, and I still feel I owe both myself and the country a visit.

Most of all, I really would like to just drop in on Kris and Joel Cunningham in David, Chiriqui province, for a quick visit (preferably longer than ‘quick’ but I’d hate to wear out my welcome).Reading Kris’ wonderful blog  “The Panama Adventure” is enough to make one want to pull up stakes and move post haste to Panama, no further questions asked. I’ve never met Kris, but I sincerely feel I already have a friend who lives in David –  Kris Cunningham. (There’s a link to her blog on my front page).

So, why not Panama then? Here are my reasons: I positively detest the hot and humid summers in North Carolina. I understand that the entire Panamanian coast is Hot and Humid  – all year long (more or less). I couldn’t live with that. The Panamanian Highlands are nice, weather wise, but what is there to DO there? Not much, I’ve read, which is perfectly fine for someone who wants to do “not much.” I personally like big cities, with the opportunity to occasionally escape to the countryside, the mountains and the beach. Panama City, I’ve read, is – again – hot and humid (to the extreme) – all year long. I’ve been told most of those magnificent towering buildings that make up the skyline of the city are empty. Panama’s main source of income, I’ve been told, is the Canal – and the money laundering that built those magnificent skyscrapers.

Told by whom? Two other Latin Americans, one from Peru and the other from Colombia, both chance encounters. The Colombian I’d met previously – we’d had a couple classes together at grad school. Bogota is his hometown. Both the Peruvian and the Colombian dismiss Panama outright.

So what next? Though I’m not quite ready to give up on Panama entirely,  I’ve  been taking a closer look at Comombia- specifically the city of Medellin, up in the mountains in the Antoquia province, where the climate is benign, where the city is attractive, offers culture, art, universities, and a clean and orderly existence – or so it would seem.

This is going to take further research. A visit to Medellin is due, when opportunity affords.  And I do believe I should start up an email correspondence with that gentleman from Bogota…

One last thing – serendipity – an expat couple who used to live in Boquette, Panama, have recently pulled up stakes and moved to Medellin, Colombia. There’s a link to their Panama blog on my front page too: ME BE in Panama.

More to come on Medellin…

4 thoughts on “So what happened then?

  1. Wow, thank you for the mention 🙂
    I think you are thinking well though. Yes, it is hot and humid here, except now when it is HOT and dry. There is quite a bit to do in Boquete with all the expats up there, but it’s definitely not an established city like Medellin. Funny, the couple who just moved are friends of ours and she and I had some fun times running around together. They are really nice people and I’m sure they would like to talk with you.
    We may cross paths yet! I want to visit Colombia and Medellin is probably the first place I’ll visit. of course you are always welcome here for as long as you want to stay. I don’t have to go to the office any more, ya know 😀 Someday you too will get to experience a life without work.

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  2. Thanks Kris – and the pleasure is mine entirely – it’s not often that one feels like one’s made a real friend without even having met them yet! Thanks for the invitation to visit – I most surely take you up on it when I visit (and I sincerely hope I will be able to – I’d be positively delighted, as a matter of fact).
    I posted a comment on the couple who moved to Medellin’s blog, and have been invited to look them up if I make it there – contact details provided (very good of them). They do indeed come across as very nice people. Nice to hear you’ve had some fun times together while they lived in Boquette.
    Ah, lucky you, not having to go to “the office” anymore. I so look forward to the day I can say goodbye to my corporate prison!
    Meanwhile, i daydream, and I plan, and I look up flights online, and I wonder what on earth I’m going to do with my two elderly cats, and the two feral cats I feed breakfast and dinner to, every day without fail, and all the “stuff” I own, much of which belonged to my parents and grandparents, and which has already been schlepped halfway around the world – if I really manage to pull up stakes and move. …I’m holding out hope that some solution will present itself, somewhere along the way. …


  3. Keep ’em coming. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! When you visit Medellin, look us up and we’ll meet for a cafe’ or two. Life is good here, noisy, busy, energizing & different. We like it.
    (BTW will launch very soon.)

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  4. ME & BE – thanks for stopping by and for the words of encouragement. I’m looking forward to your new blog with great anticipation. Thus far, I’ve been relying on the Colombia forum on Expatexchange for discussions on Colombia – and have not been able to find a blog on Colombia that offers information approaching anywhere near the usefulness and sheer delight of Kris’ Panama blog. I will certainly look you up if plans to visit Medellin near the end of this year materialize. I look forward to meeting over a café or two. Glad to hear you’re liking your new life there. Best – Wendy


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