Reblogged this from “One more good adventure” – a fellow blogger, US expat, who settled in a small town in Panama (he’s one of the only two expats in town, and prefers the company of the local Panamanian people to the expat community..

While his language is a little, shall we say, “salty” in parts, it serves his purpose, in my opinion.

…Things to consider when thinking of moving to Panama, and picking out a place to settle. (Note though, that the experience described here is not exclusive to Panama and can be found in numerous other equally ‘exuberant’ countries too).

…And why renting is preferable to buying, until you’re sure you know what you’ve landed in.

One More Good Adventure

I LOVE Panama, and, in general, I love the Panamanian people. BUT sometimes it’s REALLY hard to do. In fact, sometimes it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

Take this past week, for instance. This was the 249th anniversary of the founding of the little town of Boquerón, and they were making a huge deal out of it.

The festivities started off on Wednesday. Around noon the first of the parade started by my house. Several of my neighbors from the old house came by with stools to sit on my porch and watch. It was the best parade they’ve had here in Boquerón in the five plus years I’ve lived here. This time there were a lot of floats and this time a lot of thought, care and originality was evidenced in them.

The first actual band that came by and even stopped in front of my house was from Colegio Daniel Octavio Crespo…

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