Panama launches investigation into 1989 US invasion

Manuel Noriega, who is now 83 years old, is currently serving a prison sentence in Panama

Link to the article in the BBC news site  (full text repeated below). I find this rather curious, with lots of space to read between the lines, and to give one’s imagination free reign to run amok. Simply put, where is this going to lead?

“The government in Panama has launched an investigation into the US invasion in 1989 that overthrew military strongman General Manuel Noriega.

The commission is expected to determine how many people died during the operation, and to identify them.

It will also assess whether relatives of the victims deserve compensation.
Officially 514 Panamanian soldiers and civilians were killed but some local groups say the real number is closer to 1,000.

Twenty-three US military personnel died.

“Panama is seeking to heal its wounds,” said the country’s vice president and foreign minister, Isabel de Saint Malo.

“There can be no reconciliation if the truth is not known,” she added.

The 83-year-old Manuel Noriega is now in prison in Panama, for ordering the disappearance of dissidents during his 1983-1989 rule.
He has already served sentences in the US and France.”


3 thoughts on “Panama launches investigation into 1989 US invasion

    1. Hi John & Susan – thank you for responding. Yes I’m sure this must be a very sore spot for Panamanians, and rightly so. So many unaccounted for (and unacknowledged) civilian deaths. I just wonder about the unwritten lines in this article – no follow up, no indication of what steps are going to be taken (or whether any have been taken). The article just stands alone out there – and this is 37 years after the fact. Have no investigations been launched prior to this? and that is where my imagination starts to run wild.


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