On planning a visit…part two revised

Screen shot below (therefore drawn in stone) – attempting to share the link here on My Maps on Google – Panama By Bus – #1 (will open the map in a new window, along with its legend)


Map tweek – down the Azuero Peninsula, around a different route up to Santiago, then down to an alternate jumping off point to Isla de Coiba (another boat trip).

And for the rest of this, Bocas deal Toro added in from David (towards the end).

Meanwhile, technical difficulties are preventing me from finding my way back to my map to spell out the details. Drat.

PS: discovering that My Maps on Google doesn’t function quite as expected on an iPad. drat again? Would explain my difficulties encountered earlier. Sometimes I can get there, and at other times I can’t. It appears to be random Russian roulette. Took a look at the reviews for the My Maps app for iPad and noticed one that said no, no, no, it doesn’t take you to your “My Maps” at all. So much for that.

Short answer: keep an eye on this page as it will most likely be subject to frequent and random updates and edits.


2 thoughts on “On planning a visit…part two revised

  1. Thanks Kris – list includes “like to go there” but not sure how much time I’ll have. Thinking about 16 days minimum, more if possible. Depends on two factors- one, when my daughter can join me, and two, how brave I am on doing much on my own if she can’t spend much time there. My original idea of starting out with that relocation tour company, I’m having serious second thoughts about.


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