On Planning a visit…part two


Right then, here’s plan two – also known as Panama on the Cheap – travel around the country by bus, starting out in Panama City (after spending a few days there of course) – heading to the Albroook Bus terminal, and heading West.

Planned an initial rough itinerary using my maps on Google (screen shot above) – Panama City  – Valle de Anton – Rio Hato – Chitre – Las Tablas – Pedasi – boat trip to Isla Iguanas for some snorkeling (thank you Kris Cunningham for this tip) -Santiago – back down to the Azuero Peninsula to whichever of one of two places a bus will take us to, in order to get to Isla de Coiba to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site Parque Nacional de Coiba. Then after more snorkeling and perhaps a night at the ranger station on the island, back up to Santiago – Chirique – David (visit Kris Cunningham if she’s there and amenable) – stay at a hotel somewhere in David – then up to Boquette – Volcan – Cero Punta … Bocas del Toro (lost the thread on how we’ll get there)…

Well, that’s the general plan, and the itinerary is thought up with the idea of hauling my daughter along with me, so the possibility of encountering many adventures along the way is intentionally built into this plan.

A bit about Albrook Bus Terminal, and the convenience and cost of bus travel around Panama here: http://panamainfo.com/en/listing/albrook-mall-bus-terminal



More (a great deal more) on bus travel in Panama can be found here: http://www.panamaforreal.com/taking-a-bus-to-panamas-interior/




6 thoughts on “On Planning a visit…part two

    1. Thanks Kris – good to know about the bus (or busses) to Bocas del Toro.
      Ah organized and well planned? Amazing what Google maps can do for one! The route shown on my map is based on “driving” and I’m not entirely sure that includes public transport- namely bus routes- time (and a little more research) will tell I hope. But thanks for the encouragement nevertheless! I’ve read car rentals are expensive there mainly due to the insurance they require, so…busses!


      1. No worries. Buses go absolutely everywhere. Yes, the required car insurance for rentals is expensive. You definitely don’t want to drive in Panama City either. It’s crazy and confusing. I know a good guy there who can pick you up, drive you places, etc.

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  1. Ooh thanks Kris – especially for the “I know a guy there” in Panama City part! Will definitely put that one on my list. Did you also tell me (or perhaps post on your own blog) about the young man who does walking tours of Panama City (Casco Viejo I think)? If not from you, then I stumbled on it somewhere – will have to backtrack and find him. I think he runs one of the blogs I follow.


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