Three sheets to the wind…


Right then, here I am, with the latest bee in my bonnet…

She’s for sale, in Puerto Viejo, in the waters around Bocas del Toro, Panama, for the fantastic price of $30,000. If I sold everything I own…

There’s a catch though – she’s no longer for sailing, just floating about at anchor, and living aboard, off the grid. 60 ft long.

So, I’ve been wandering around Craig’s List, Panama, looking at sail boats. I cannot sail (but what’s to stop me from learning?) and I find her. The ad says “no need to know how to sail or even drive a boat…” WHY can’t she sail? Looks pretty sea worthy to me.

Oh well, a couple other boats caught my eye, here they are.

37 ft Beneteay, Bocas del Toro – $29,000.
Same boat above, in dry dock
That 37ft Beneteau again, on deck, with the wheel house.
And finally, a 68ft Ketch, with a Ferro concrete hull (familiar with that) – reduced from $155,000 to $140,000 – to $75,000!

All reasonably affordable, don’t you think? If I sold everything I owned, I could possibly perhaps buy one of them, couldn’t I?

Hence, here I am, three sheets to the wind…


5 thoughts on “Three sheets to the wind…

  1. Three Sheets to the Wind refers to ones drunken state. There is a reason these boats are priced this way. Maintenance! You are better off keeping your money then buy a boat just for living purposes. Boats require a lot of maintenance to hold their value. You will need money to maintain the boat, engine,fuel, insurance,haul-out, and normal wear and tear of replacing equipment.You can count on rapid depreciation of your investment. We suggest you go crew on someones boat and see if you like the life style. There are many web sites…this being one:

    Join a yacht club in your area.

    We lived and sailed on our 42 sailboat for 6 years. It was the best time of our lives. But we budgeted for it. If you are mechanically inclined and enjoy fixing things then go for it. Check out Yacht But you will definitely need a nest egg for maintenance.

    Or get a bottle and really get “Three Sheets to the Wind”!

    Good luck!

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  2. Yes, yes I know all that. I was using the phrase to describe a figurative state of mind, since I’m fully aware of what it takes to maintain a boat. I guess my sense of humor didn’t quite make it across in a blog post!
    Thanks nevertheless for trying to save me from myself – and for the links and suggestions.
    Keep the comments coming!
    And thanks, oh seasoned sailors.

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    1. Thanks Kris – will take a closer look at your friend’s blog (I’ve read a little, and thoroughly enjoyed his writing). A pity he has to go back to the US.

      Ah boats – particularly sailboats – I spent a couple summers in California sailing with a friend, who had a 42′ concrete hulled Ketch named Endlich. A very long time ago, when I was a young woman. I was in love, briefly – but more with the boat than with the sailor.

      Yes indeed, those boats here are beautiful – most especially that one at the top – that can’t be sailed anymore. Such a pity. If you go to Craigslist Panama and look up sailboats for sail, you’ll find her – many photographs of her interior – gorgeous – a stately grande dame.


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