Yo soy perdido

Lost doe in my backyard, Raleigh, North Carolina. How she got in and how she got out I’ll never know. The yard is fully fenced in (yes I know they can jump).

…looking for a home (again) – been in one country for too long now. Time for a new life – my third life as it’s called in the Spanish speaking world. Or a second innings, to use a term from Cricket.

This being my first ever blog, it’s bound to be a bit of a mess at first, especially since I don’t like reading instructions. I much prefer to spread the parts out on the floor in front of me and then see what fits where, and how. So, patience please. It will take me some time to put this together.

In a nutshell, or, shall we say – the bottom line: official Social Security retirement age looms and I find to my horror that I won’t be able to live a decent life on what it will provide.

So – the quest for another homeland – Panama has been on my mind a lot lately, and serendipity is playing its part.

And thus the research begins…



2 thoughts on “Yo soy perdido

    1. Gracias! I had to think fast for a title and then this just popped into my head. (I’m just halfway through my second Speed Spanish class so though I understand quite a bit, am not at the stage where I can express myself adequately yet (very frustrating).
      Thank you for your encouragement.


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