Jacaranda in bloom, Manjolai, India

Oil on canvas
Jacaranda in bloom

Oil on canvas, long ago. I paint, when I have the time. I should paint more, and intend to, when I can stop leading a life of drudgery and move on to my “third life.”


2 thoughts on “Jacaranda in bloom, Manjolai, India

    1. Thank you Kris – I’ve been drawing and painting my entire life. I believe I started to draw before I could write. So not much effort involved – just trial and error. Besides, ‘not very good at it’ can be a very subjective comment. Keep at it! (My very first oil painting was a horrible mess but I never stopped trying, no lessons though.

      I noticed from your blog you painted, and you mentioned picking up painting supplies, so got a little curious.


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